EGEC Course

Published on Thursday, 16 August 2012

EGEC – European Geotechnical and Environmental Course at University of Miskolc
Students of the joint European master program, EGEC ( spent nine weeks, starting form 20th March at the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering. Our faculty took part in the program for the 10th time.

The Institute of Mineralogy and Geology has been involved with the EGEC program from the beginning, first of all by teaching the Environmental Geology course. The scope of this course has been changed in the last few years, focusing on two issues that are closely related to the environmental and geotechnical questions of mining. The first is the management of mining wastes, especially the characterization and treatment of sulphidic mining wastes: acid rock drainage, metal leaching. The second one is the geological and geotechnical conditions of r CO2 geological storage.
The 15 participating students came from 10 different countries. Within the frame of the Environmental Geology course they attended a two-day short course about the EU legislation on characterization of mining wastes, which was held by Dr. Ingar Walder (Kjeoy Research and Education Centre, Norway) and Ferenc Madai (University of Miskolc). As a part of the education program, the students went for a one-week-long field work at the Field Education Centre of the institute in Telkibánya, where they got familiar with the geology of the site as well as geochemical and geophysical exploration methods and sampling procedures of mining wastes. The EGEC students worked together with the Hungarian geology masters students.

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