Short course on geochemistry

Published on Thursday, 23 August 2012

Short course on geochemistry beyond the polar circle
Short course entitled “Environmental geochemistry of ore deposits and mining wastes” was organized by the Kjeoy Research and Education Centre (KREC), Norway between 30 May and 5 June.

The course was jointly leaded by the head of the KREC, Dr. Ingar Walder and Dr. Ferenc Mádai (University of Miskolc). In this fully international course the eight MSc and PhD students represented six countries, including also a Hungarian geology master student from the ELTE.
The topic of the course focused on fundamental geochemical questions related to environmental problems of the whole mining cycle as well as on the adjacent characterization tools: static and kinetic tests, mineralogical characterization methods. The course was complemented by a field trip, visiting recultivated tailings facilities. Problems that occur in these sites – sulphide oxidation at neutral pH, accompanied by metal leaching – demonstrated well the complexity of this topic.

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